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Launch Party

wow what an amazing Launch party we had!!!  So stoked for everyone that made it out to say Hello and to Artikal Sound System for playing all night long!!!  3rd and 3rd opened their doors for all of us and we really appreciate them for doing so!  Of course they had to shut them when we packed the place !!!!!  What a crazy turn out we had!!!!  I have to say Sarah our manikin really took the show her body parts were making their way around the bar all night!!!
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First Photo Shoot with Dave Brown

Well, after two months of talking and working on scheduling we finally had our first photo shoot today!  Perfect weather and all!!!  We are so stoked to have Carla as one of our first models for our girls clothing line!!!  It was a long fun four hours of shooting on the beach today and she was such a trooper!!!!  We shot in a few hoodies and all our new girls Tanks, which have been such a huge hit!!!

We are definitely looking forward to our kids photo shoot later this month and our guys shoot sometime after that!!!

We thank everyone for their patients as we are launching new clothes monthly and building our new website!


Keep an eye out for our new photos!



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Surf Expo Jan 2015

Surf Expo 2015

We feel so humbled to have partnered with the Atlantic Surf Federation and Surf Dreams!  We had the chance to meet the amazing people that make these two organizations a reality and they were hands down some of the nicest people we have met!  We spent all of Surf Expo getting to know these two groups and are so excited to be growing with them this year!  I have to say expo definitely blew me away!  We had such an amazing time and met so many awesome people!  we are looking forward to the next one!  We love the excitement and dedication that the ASF and Surf Dreams has to the young surfers out there!  If you are looking to get involved definitely reach out to them!!!  

We arrived the night before expo ... never easy bringing what it felt like.. almost our entire house with us... but we made it work!  The first morning we arrived excited to meet our new partners... of course our excitement got us there a tad bit early... so we just made ourselves right at home and started setting up... maybe its just the girl in me... but I was so stoked to help!!!  

We spent most of the first day talking to everyone that walked by and by meeting parents and kids that surf for the ASF...It was such a great experience to be completely involved with something that we naturally love to do!  

Surf Expo is HUGE!!!  There is so much to see and no matter how many times we walked around I do not think we even came close to seeing everything!!!  

The second day was another day of meeting lots of parents and store owners!!!  The second day is definitely known as the "Party Day" .... it was so much fun and by this time you start to know your neighbors and businesses up and down your row... awesome people and so much fun!!  People on skate boards, paddle boards....raffles and giveaways, games being played..... that night there was a party and music immediately following the close of day (they are very prompt at closing up).

The final day is a much slower start as everyone is dragging their feet to make it in...much more of a relaxed environment as everyone is preparing to pack up shop!!!  Many bussnesses were selling their product to lighten the load before they leave... we scored 3 awesome skateboards!!!!  

Expo see you in September!



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